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The Hyperion Lobby

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

The Hyperion Lobby (Buffy and Angel fanfic links)
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This community was set up to provide links to those Buffy and Angel fics that people might otherwise miss.

Maintained by spren_cious and doyle_sb4

Welcome to Hyperion_Lobby, a community dedicated to the collecting and promoting of new fics, fic and ficathon/challenge updates that may have gone unnoticed by the Btvs/Ats fannish audience.

We aren't reccing fics here or commenting/vouching for their quality. We're simply bringing them to the attention of those who may have overlooked them due to divergent friends lists or time limitations.

We will be updating three times per week. Each update dedicated to a particular group of Ats/Btvs characters. Contact us at hyperion_lobby@hotmail.com if you should run across any fics or have written fics that you'd like featured.

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